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It's the Italian way to say "everything is possible"!

That's how we handle it at our magical Villa Montanare. Wheather you like to book a romantic private chef dinner under the Tuscan stars, a inhouse massage, a cooking class with a Michelin star chef, your private yoga or pilates lesson, a hiking or bike tour on the path of Hannibal with his elephants, a wine tasting in one if the countless winerys in our area, a Vespa or Fiat 500 tour, a private tour in Cortona - we would be delighted to assist you to organize your special event in our beloved Tuscany!

Enjoy the ultimate silence

At our little paradise you will love to relax by the pool, walks in our dreamy gardens and the surrounded extraordinary natural beauty.

Read a good book or just enjoying this amazing view over the beautiful valley and the surrounded hills.

Tuscan food



The Tuscan cuisine is one of the oldest among the Italian regional cuisines. Even today, many of the dishes retain their original recipe. Like almost all the traditional Italian cuisines also that of Tuscany is characterized by simple dishes, with ingredients readily available and of peasant origin. Among the most famous recipes: pappa al pomodoro and ribollita, both made with unsalted bread (mixed unsalted) even mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Everybody in the world knows that in Tuscany you will find the most delicious food you can imagine. We are glad to recommend you in our area countless gorgeous restaurants to enjoying the real Tuscan experience.

Our tip for our house guests: Book your own private chef at Villa Montanare for a romantic dinner with your love or a wonderful Al Fresco dinner with your family or friends like a Tuscan menu or pizza night.

Tuscan cuisine.jpg
Wine tasting Cortona

Wine tasting



The Cortona area is particularly well suited position with a mild climate that favors the cultivation of delicious grapes and producing excellent red and white wine - which is for us one of the TOP wines in the world. Most of all we adore the Syrah of our area with a ruby red to garnet colour, a characteristic, elegant smell and dry harmonic taste - often with 13-14% alcohol.

You are interested to visit a winery in this area? Please ask us for recommendations.

Tuscan cooking class



Enjoy a special experience at our villa and book your private cooking class for un unforgettable culinary experience.

Prepare your own pasta, pizza, dolce or full Tuscan menu.

Please ask us for recommendations.

Cooking Class Cortona
Massages Villa Montanare.jpg




You like to enjoy the ultimate relaxation while you staying at our heavenly escape? Book a session with the best therapist of the area which will pamper you with a professional treatment like a relaxing full body olive oil massage with lavender. Right in your beautiful suite, in the peaceful olive garden or by the pool.

Please check the spa menu and start dreaming about your unforgettable beautiful stay at Villa Montanare.

We recommend to book your appointment early to make sure the therapist will be available for you.

Chic nic



Book a romantic and delicious chic nic picnic in our stunning olivegarden. Enjoy different local Antipasti, focaccia and Villa Montanare olive oil and a good bottle of local red wine. 


We secure you a once in a lifetime experience in peaceful heavenly atmosphere.

Get in touch to learn more about the amazing Villa Montanare chic nic!

Picnic Tuscany Villa Montanare.jpg
Sabatini Gin Tour.png

Gin Tasting



Visit the Gin producer of Sabatini Gin (only with reservation) just some minutes far from our Villa Montanare.

Enjoy a guided tour of the botanical gardens that are the foundation for Sabatini Gin and a tasting of all the Sabatini smooth and blended products - btw a non alcoholic gin is as well available.

In close proximity to the Gin Room are raised beds where you can see, touch, and learn about the nine botanicals that characterize Sabatini Gin and our products. This truly multisensory experience commingles delightful fragrances and the beauty of Tuscany.

This visit is a unique opportunity for a full immersion into the world of SABATINI GIN.

Visit Cortona



Our beautiful Cortona is one of the twelve cities of the Etruscean League - we think for sure the most stunning one!

Located at the altitude of 600 metres it has a magnificent panoramic view. The book by Frences Mayes

and movie "Under the Tuscan sun" has established Cortona as one ofthe most popular wedding destinations in Tuscany.

Visit the MAEC - the Etruscian museum of Cortona, the Monestary "Le Celle" or the gorgeous Fortezza di Girifalco - a beautiful fortress at the highest point of Cortona. 


Cortona city hall.jpg
Activities Tuscany

Tours of Tuscany



Explore our beautiful area with a bike, Vespa or Fiat 500. We are happy to recommend you nice operators in the area which make your dream come true.

What else to do?

Do a hiking or trecking tour!


Book a hot air balloon flight!

Book your private Yoga session at our pool or in the olive garden!

Enjoy a Falconry experience!

Ride on horses between the Tuscan and Umbrian hills!

Come and enjoy the real Tuscan experience !




Enjoy a special experience: Visit one of the termal baths of Tuscany.

Did you know?

By exploiting the chemical and physical characteristics of the thermal springs, thermal waters are therapeutically active in the prevention and treatment of physical-functional disorders.

The therapeutic action may take place by immersion, as in the case of osteoarticular and skin conditions, or through inhalation, as in the case of respiratory diseases.

– respiratory or otorhinolaryngology system: rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis
– osteoarticular diseases: chronic rheumatism, chronic arthropathies, post-traumas
– skin conditions: acne, seborrhoea, eczema, hives, psoriasis

The presence of algae is one of the foundational active principles of thermal waters. Algae are the proof that the spa waters are not treated with disinfectants; given the considerable flow of the springs, the exchange of water is continuous.

check out:

Terme Rappolano

Terme di Petriolo

Terme di Saturnia

Terme Saturnia
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